Thursday, December 05, 2013

How Dare I?!

Every morning after breakfast I let the birds out of their cage for playtime. Oliver sits happily on top of his cage making bigger toys into little toys....until I pull out the paper.

Once he sees the clean paper he hurries as fast as he can to stand on the bottom of his cage or perch on the bottom of the open door and starts telling me, "NO!".  He hates me cleaning his cage, he wants no part of it and he gets bitey. 

Once I am able to put in a clean sheet of paper in, he throws a fit on it by ripping up the paper and yelling "NO!"  His tantrum lasts for a few minutes, then he returns to the top to play again, and all is forgiven...especially, if I give him an almond.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Injured Oliver

At the end of July we came home to an injured Oliver. We are not sure what happened...we think he broke out and went to pay Nola a visit and she bit his foot through her cage bars.

During his first examination his foot was so swollen and bruised it was looking like they might have to amputate a couple of his toes. Oli's Dr. sent him home with his foot bandage and a whole lot of meds with directions to come back in 2 days. This went on for a couple of weeks...then they decided to keep him for a few days, so they could keep a better eye on his foot... it was looking like they might be able to save one of his toes. After they had him for a week we were able to take him home, but we needed to take him back every few days for bandage changes.

This back & forth to the vet went on for 2 months with the bandage going from the whole foot, to just 2 toes, than 1 toe. After each bandage changr his toes were looking better and better...all toes might be saved! It was very important to keep the bandages on until the scabs fall picking or we would have to start over.

Finally, this last Thursday they were able to remove the bandage from his last toe! I am very thankful to his Dr. and his staff for taking such good care of Oliver, and doing everything in their power to save his toes.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt

This little brat flew downstairs after her took me 20 minutes to find her. Usually, she is a loudmouth but not when she is pretending to be a hidden egg.

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Ember Plays

Ember loves her new toys from I Got a Woody Bird Toys! It took her a little bit to get uses to them; now she can't get enough! 

Ember has already shredded all the bottom shredders off the Complete Chaos and is now going for the top shredders from the top of her cage through the bars. This toy will last awhile with the hard wood base...I will be able to reuse the base over and over by adding my own shredders to it. 

Ember loves throwing the Mini Tootsies around and chewing on them. She really loves throwing them to the ground for me to pick up for her...over and over and over.

She also likes the bigger Tootsies, especially wedged into the bars so can get a good hold on them to make it easier to chew apart and remove the beads.