Thursday, December 05, 2013

How Dare I?!

Every morning after breakfast I let the birds out of their cage for playtime. Oliver sits happily on top of his cage making bigger toys into little toys....until I pull out the paper.

Once he sees the clean paper he hurries as fast as he can to stand on the bottom of his cage or perch on the bottom of the open door and starts telling me, "NO!".  He hates me cleaning his cage, he wants no part of it and he gets bitey. 

Once I am able to put in a clean sheet of paper in, he throws a fit on it by ripping up the paper and yelling "NO!"  His tantrum lasts for a few minutes, then he returns to the top to play again, and all is forgiven...especially, if I give him an almond.


cocosflock said...

Almonds tend to fix everything with Capes, don't they?? :)

Natacha said...

Léa doesn't like us cleaning her cage either and will also get nippy! But an almond is always an accepted form of distraction! ;)